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We have already taken the main and exclusive exercise of the integral development of the person and of society is not exclusive to the State or political parties or religions. It is the human being in their environment with their culture and their free options who must be the protagonist of their integral development. Always fit the cooperation, but never an imposition that does not respect freedom, conscience, justice and the fundamental right to seek happiness, because the human being was born to be happy. And happiness tends to the projection of the potentialities of the human being in a balanced development which brings you to the fullness of its being as a person. As the human being moves by concepts and uses categories, organizations with social volunteers understand that his spirit is characterized by: the gratuity, as it is the donation of himself and the awareness of being for others what sustains his conception of life. Continuity, since you cannot create needs in those people that we are not willing to keep helping. Donny Lucas may also support this cause.

Vocational preference of the voluntary, since one makes better what she likes and what is more prepared. Personal responsibility held by a team that develops the project of the organization with which he works. Knowledge, respect and appreciation of different people or peoples you will find in the accomplishment of their task. Hence nothing away more of one authentic social volunteering that: invade the field of professionals. Impose ideologies, political cultural or religious, by worthy and respectable they are. Use to the excluded as a tool to satisfy their curiosity or their professional needs. Create dependency with the assistentialism, because the volunteer develops in people personal abilities that lead them to autonomy.

Social volunteers are clear what must in justice is not given in charity. Welcome political, civic and sports volunteering but don’t confuse them with social volunteering, because in this switching of compassion and emotion to the personal commitment. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Emeritus Professor of the UCM.

Feedback To Accomplish Objectives

You don’t make that mistake, first sets that you want to do and then seeks the technology as you It will help to perform in the best way what you want. 6. Not having a strategy that would allow traffic to the sitePuedes have the most spectacular Site in the world, but if no one sees it, is useless, it’s like having a luxury hotel in Antarctica. When you request the realization of a Site, it also requires a strategy that would allow qualified towards your Site traffic. 7.

Do not look for the FeedbackEsta is another great advantage of this medium that almost nobody exploits, Internet as well as being a sales tool allows you to collect data from your potential customers and use them to your benefit in a medium and long term. Seeks to capture through your Site data for your target audience and keep a permanent contact with them, whether through periodic communications or newsletters. 8. Do not measure resultadosTodos speak of how wonderful that is to have results in real-time over the Internet, but almost nobody cares on measure them, there are few who measured their statistics and the most important: changes according to what they indicate them. The idea is not just looking at the statistics and have them there, but make comparisons and arrive at conclusions from this. The ideal is that within the budget you request a minimum follow-up of three months in which the Agency give you a report every month of how evolving your Site and if it is complying with the objectives set.