Online market leader Awards PR budget to Xpand21 Munich, December 6, 2010. The Hamburg-based translation 24translate entrusted from now the PR agency Xpand21 with its public relations work. Focus of the communication in the next few months is to make visible the company in its position as a market leader in online and technology leader. The PR aims mainly to increase the attention for the translation service provider outside the own sector: 24translate was the first online service provider for 24-hours – translation services. We have in 2001 brought an unprecedented transparency with our cost calculator on the website the translation market and in 2003 received the German Internet Prize.

(1) it is therefore looking for a PR Agency for our public relations, that shares our philosophy of transparent and sustainable quality service and transfers it in public relations. We are convinced, with Xpand21 and their experiences in language technology solutions have made the right choice”, explains Lone Colding Wolf, founder and CEO of 24translate. 24translate according to the current ranking is the market-leading online translation company. (2) in contrast to other translation agencies, the customer in 24translate receives a fixed price quote online in just a few steps. In this offer, also the intended delivery date of the translation is in addition to the price. The procurement and the delivery of the translation are also online. 24translate was founded in 1999 and today employs around 7,000 translators in 48 countries. Enterprise customers are individual solutions available on request: these range from intranet Web services and interfaces for common enterprise software such as SAP and Ariba to customer-specific glossaries and translation memory technology, a company-wide uniform wording ensuring. (1) newsticker/meldung/Deutscher-Internetpreis-an-24translate-Delticom-und-YellowMap-vergeben-87809.html (2) 2010/09/01/the Inspectorate language service providers in Germany about 24translate 24translate is a market-leading translation service that sets new standards in terms of quality, delivery and cost effectiveness.