One year that, curiously, by the disposal of its numbers, also could be read with the same upside-down result, and from which important events started to occur in our country and the exterior, as the ownership of Jnio Pictures as president of Brazil and of John Kennedy in the United States; the frustrated invasion of the Bay one of the Pigs, in Cuba, for exiled resident in the United States; the crisis politics in Brazil; the resignation of Jnio Pictures; the construction of the Wall of Berlin; the adoption of the parliamentarism in Brazil as new system (transitory) of government and the ownership of Goulart Joo with Tancredo Snows assuming the position of Prime minister. I, in that end of day of the year of 1961, with the age of thirteen years, other people’s or completely mentally ill to these events, finish to take a bath and the coffee of the afternoon, and left onward my house. Already he was of tardezinha. I directed myself for the esquina, to see if he found some of the little boys of the neighborhood. But he did not have nobody. The afternoon was morna.

Without no wind. When I arrived there, I stopped, I looked at for all the sides. Everything was desert. That strange. Six hours of the afternoon and nobody in the street. Silence was total. It was then that I felt something to jingle, as if somebody had played a rock in wires of light above of my head. when I looked at for top, vi that enormous object if moving away vertically and turning on itself exactly, as it was a giant pio, emitting a strange sound to each return and, as it was a luminous chafariz, radiating light of diverse colors. I was looking at, until it to disappear in the sky.