Sweet Agua Threatened

If you have the Earth patience, the purity of the water and the justice of the wind, then you are free. Paulo Coelho One has come insisting on the serious problem of the sweet water supply, the wastefulness of this one and the needs that confront many countries when not counting on the water necessary for its survival. The fresh water ecosystems lodge an out of proportion part of the world-wide biodiversity. They cover only 1% with the surface of the planet, but they contain near 7% of the total of especies" , it emphasizes Jean-Christophe Vi, Attached Director of the Program of Species of the UICN. " This last study sample clearly that the Lagos, rivers and moist soils are not to the defense of the present crisis of extincin." It is known as ecoportal.net comments/ content/view/full/95860, that near 80% of the population of the world – 5,000 million people live in areas where the sweet water supply seriously is threatened, according to a new global analysis. The study is an integral index of " threats of agua" that it includes the impact of factors like the shortage and the contamination. The category of the most serious threat affects 3,400 million people, affirm the investigators in the Nature magazine.

The scientists indicate that in the developed countries, the water conservation for human use in dams and dams work for people, but does not stop the nature. The authors insist to the developing countries not to follow the same example. The governments – they say would have to invest in strategies of water administration that combine infrastructure with options " naturales" like river basins, marshes and lands flooding. The analysis is a global panorama and the investigators think that more people will face in the next decades more severe problems her water supply as the climatic change and the human population continue increasing.