Specific Objective Plastic

The plastics, when they are changedded into residues, can be valued, of form to be able to again come to be useful. The plastic recycling is a process of product quality, that is, of the quality of the residues for the systems of selective collections.

The conversion of the plastic residues in small grains that can be reused in the production of other products these plastic residues for stages, such as triturao, laudering, drying and granulation, the plastics if divide in two important categories, represent in surround 20% of the total consumed in the country, are the termosfixos and the thermoplastic ones. One of the durable materials most useful and known by the man is the plastic being the used material more in the modern world, but facing severe you criticize of impact in the environment. Through it, we protect our foods and the storage of the same ones, we brush teeth with it, the cooling ones in plastic bottles, computers, cellular, plumbing, in summary this in all the place, does not obtain to imagine the life without it. Being consumed frightfully in millions of tons, most this being sent for sanitary aterros and to another part simply play is, poluindo sources, the rivers and until the seas, (OLIVER, 2007). Through these plastic, ambientalistas data a movement was formed anti- alleges that we can live without it, but still is esteem that a million of birds dies and one hundred a thousand mammals per year, for will eat or be imprisoned in plastic objects. Also on the health human being it foresees that a used product in the plastic containers in the microwaves, call (BPA) this causing clutters in the women, as endometriosis, cysts in the ovrios, fibrides and cancer, on the Tereftalato Polyethylene, that is, to liberate di (2-etilhexil) ftalato that cause cancer in the human beings.. .