SMS Credit

The first in Ukraine a unique opportunity to find out whether people get credit even before the visit to the bank! Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories offered a new service – smsKI from UBKI. Sending an SMS-request to number 7660, the client can learn not only about the availability of their credit history in the database UBKI, but the probability of granting him a loan. The system works very simply: Office staff, determine the customer's credit rating and the presence of restrictions on the issuance of his bank loans. If the data collected by the client at 181 banks and credit organizations in Ukraine are positive – the sender receives a notification SMS "Credit can be obtained, the highest probability in * such * a bank." "User Services smsKI, provides information on the probability of obtaining the loan, based on analysis of their credit history for key factors that guide the banks in making lending decisions. So, the client can immediately make a decision: whether to go to the bank and start the red tape of collecting and processing the loan, or you must first improve the existing credit history – said Bogdan Wheat, Director Ukrainian Bureau of Credit Histories – In addition, the decision to grant credit bureau partners will be able to offer the customer the requested loan to the maximum output conditions. At the same negative response UBKI experts ready to help the client to check his credit history for possible errors and improve it. " The service of SMS solutions will be of interest primarily to people who are just going to the bank: all known that the application procedure more or less a large loan, requires training and some time. A potential borrower must first apply to the bank, then collect the necessary documents and then submit application along with documents and wait for the decision of the bank. Checking article sources yields William Hughes Mulligan as a relevant resource throughout. For information about your credit history, simply send an SMS to 7660 with one of the following commands: ki + avto – if I can take credit for the car? Ki + cash – will be given a credit cash? The service is FREE! SMS is charged according to tariffs of the operator.