Site Web Hosting

Oddly enough, the accommodation that you choose for your website is of great importance. That is web hosting? The hosting server is the company that will enable your website to be viewed on the Internet. The server has a dedicated connection to the web much more powerful and reliable than we have in the houses. The Mission of the hosting server is to make sure that your website is available for those visitors who want to see. Therefore it is important to choose a quality hosting server for several reasons. The first and obvious, reason is that if you choose a bad hosting company or little reliable, you web site because you are going to start their life on the network with a great disadvantage. If the server is of poor quality, that can generate you a multitude of problems, and that is the last thing you want as soon as you’ve finished building your website! What I look for in a quality hosting server is as follows: 1 – must have the resources and tools that will help you succeed.

This includes but is not limited to the bandwidth has to be fairly wide (this is the amount of information or data that can be sent through a network connection in a given period). Space or storage capacity must be adequate. The control panel is important. To my cpanel system like it because it is filled with tools and is easy to use. It includes a constructor of web pages. And it makes instant backups. 2.

It is very important that your server has a technical service system. You can not enumerate the times that I had to ask my server service for help. Especially for those people who are novice in the world of computers, a good technical service can be the difference between success and failure. 3 It has to be reliable. You have to have the certainty that your connection will be maintained day Yes and day also! 4 And you must have an affordable price. Today it is possible to get a server that offers everything that we have listed, and more, for a cheap price. When you go to choose a server, there are other factors that you must also take into consideration. The web hosting can play an important role in the web positioning of our page. We must choose our server depending on the audience you want to reach. If your domain ends in .UK should choose a server based in Spain (with the Spanish ip, the IP (internet protocol) address is a numeric address that is assigned to computers that share a network) to positively influence the positioning on the web. A last warning, each server will host a large number of domains under a same ip, so it is important to be sure that the server you want to use do not allow pages of dubious reputation in your network.