Replacement Processor

What to do: Check whether the connected socket and power cords, including, without an uninterruptible power supply (if available), verify the switch behind the system unit (at PSU). If this fails, the system unit is defective. In the process of diagnosis is determined exactly which components of the system unit must be repaired or replaced. Name of components The cost of repair parts, rub. The cost of buying new component parts, rub. Savings on repair Recommendations Rub. % Motherboard 300-900 2000-4500> 1100-4200> 55-93 repair, except for complex cases (eg, replacing the "main>> Chipset board or processor socket) psu 300-800 600-3500> 300-3200> 50-91 repair power supplies, valued at more than 500-650 rubles. Optical drive 100-700 800-1500> 100-1400> 15-93 Replacement and repair is appropriate only for small mechanical defects Video 400-1000 1600 -15,000> 600-14600> 40-97 Repairs, except with the replacement of the graphics processor hard drive 250-600 1600-6000> 1000-5750> 62-95 Repair for damage control board, or replacing ram 200-700 350-2000> 350-1800> 50-90 Replacement Processor 100-1000 1500 -8500> 500-8400> 33-98 Replacement, repair only restoration of "feet>> cpu Thus, the savings from repairing the system unit as compared to buying a new can reach 15 to 98%.

Problem: The system unit is activated on-screen image appears, but it is either disappears or freezes>>. What to do: This is probably a software fault system unit. In this case, it is recommended to see a specialist who can correctly restore your system unit and customize it to suit your needs. It is also desirable to conduct a thorough diagnosis of the system unit. Possible operation cost of the works, now. Duration of work Recommendations Setting up the operating system and applications Programs 100-500 0,5-2 hours with incorrect or slow work to reinstall the operating system 300-1200 1-2 hours If you can not restore your operating system, sometimes by changing the component parts of the system block or general slowing of the system Search and disinfection 400-500 1-4 hours If incorrect, slow work, lockups or reboots while running Finally a few tips from the experts of Alpha-zeon: For stable work and save your information install antivirus software with virus definition updates. Make regular backups of your information.

Do not store sensitive information in a single copy, especially on diskettes and flash nositelyah.Raz six months to do cleaning / purging of the system unit. This will help prevent overheating of the components of the system unit and can significantly extend the life sistemy.Esli when using your computer can hear background noise, visible smoke or smell burning, you should immediately turn off the computer and turn to spetsialistu. Alfa-zeon more than six years engaged in repair and servicing of computer equipment. During this time, we became a partner major manufacturers of computer and office equipment, an authorized service center for 12 manufacturers, including World leaders of it – a market like Dell, Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh, whose confidence in us is the result of the quality of employees. Based on the current economic environment, we aim to help companies and reduce the cost of computing technique. In many cases, repairs will help you reduce this expenditure, saving 15 to 98% cash.