Protective Glass

If you frequently expose your eyes from dust, wind, water, and the danger of mechanical, thermal, chemical or light damage, safety glasses for you – it means the primary necessary. Optimal choice of points depends on the health of your eyes, so take this procedure should be with the utmost responsibility. Overalls and individual protection. Protective goggles are closed and open. Closed glasses have a special cuff around the lens, providing a tight seal to the skin. Used for attaching them broad band. The main disadvantages of closed points are the problem sweating and weight.

The need to tighten tight rubber band is uncomfortable, but remember that the glasses closed for maximum protection against external influences and this is more than offset inconvenience. These glasses, made usually of a strong, sticky plastic, used to work with woodworking or metalworking equipment. Points are only partially open adjacent to the contour of the human face. On his head they fastened with bows. These glasses are well ventilated. They are often used in plumbing or lathe work.

In contact with a source of bright light (such as welding and work with laser) is used glasses with filters. The spectral characteristics of filters are selected depending on the nature of radiation. Sunglasses familiar to us also belong to the category of points of light filters. Filters are used to protect your eyes from computer radiation, and motorists are saving from the glare of headlights. Another form of safety glasses are the glasses for protection against high temperatures. They are able to delay thermal radiation and hot air, they are used, for example, glass-blowing. For eye protection against chemical damage are special types of glasses, inert to the chemical reagents, used in the course of the work. This kind of glasses should fit snugly and tightly to the eye sockets, as well as water glasses, used for swimming or on the decks of ships during a storm. So, what to look for when choosing goggles? Durability, reliability and comfort – these are the main characteristics of protective eyewear. Certainly one of the most important parameters in choosing their points should be transparency. Lens goggles are constant mechanical impact and gradually grow turbid, so the choice is desirable, in addition to the strength of the lens, to draw attention to the possibility of its further replacement by a new one. Arm strength is just as important, as well as the strength of the lenses. If damaged during rim glasses, a strong lens, alas, can not protect your eyes. If you need heavy-duty goggles, use double lens or a special film increase the strength of the lenses. Be sure to try on glasses with the purchase. Ensure proper and secure fit gum closed points. Please note that glasses are not pressed and not cut into the skin. If you have vision problems, you can choose the glasses used in conjunction with diopter glasses. In this case, you must thoroughly test points on the subject of "slippage" – in this type of glasses can be problems with fixation.