Being thus, it is necessity to affirm that deuses passes if to present antropomorphusly, what it inserts in the seio of the divine proper Greek people the powerful one who if manifest in the generation of the heroes and, also, of deuses that more they are not conceived of form transcendente as at the beginning of the Teogonia, but now erected of the aspects transcendental. The case most important, certainly, is gnese of Dioniso that, having first shelter the mortal womb of the Smele beautiful, that would have magic the powerful Zeus and, with this ingenuous audacity, despertara the incommensurable jealousy of Hera who, forging a fatal meeting between the heroine and an not-antropomorphus Zeus, would have as consequence the dilaceramento of the half rival the lightning we violentssimos, thus originating first the great tragic event, what Dioniso would inherit. As well as Odisseu, Smele has an proeminence place, a time that if found in the mortal condition and with its destruction arrebata the great love of Zeus who would finish the gestation of Dioniso in one them legs, stamping definitively one I curl with the men from this small god who enters they would start to live and to make to try them a power still bigger that the fire of Prometheus, that are the tragedy as the great direction of the life, this bequeathed by Smele, life this that it will not pass inferior more to be considered the divine eternity, exactly why Dioniso was born of tragic and the express embriagus such altivo instant where the meat exactly not supporting the greaters intempries if rejubila in its proper one to become to arder, that is, imposes how much affirmation of this inescapvel chance. This transistion would bring fantastic effect, therefore it would be with the men who deuses know the entorpecimento of the wine, of a Dioniso child who in the forest of vineyards prepared pranks next to the mortals who it carried through ditirambos beauties, whose embriagus became them free the holy ghosts almost and, but without losing the blood in the veins, at the same time making with that deuses and powers breached with serenity candy of the ambrosia drink, starting to know the wine as if she knew the flavor of the blood.