To do this, open the tab 'Brushes' from the menu 'Window', which has eight tabs located on the left, each of which is designed to change a particular setting the brush. 1. installation of hand designed to select the type of brush. 2. Tip Shape allows you to change the size and other parameters.

– Parameter size changes by moving the slider or entering values in the field. – Stiffness parameters used to define the degree of feathering the edges of the print. Changes as well as the size of brushes, with by moving the slider or by entering the desired values into the appropriate field. The greater the stiffness, the more distinct edge has the imprint. (This option is available only for brush round or elliptical shape).

– Parameter interval is included if you put the same name . It is designed to create between the elements in a stroke intervals. Changed by moving the slider. The greater the interval, the more the gaps between elimentami. – Two fields and a scheme designed length changes in the shape brushes photoshop, this move manipulator (point) in the scheme, or enter a value in the form field, the greater the entered value, the closer the tip shape to the original (for the original, this parameter is equal to 100%). The slope of the change by turning the arrow on the diagram or enter a value in the Angle. – With the eighth version adds two new elimenta by flags reflect reflect X and Y, are intended to mirror image imprint of the axes X and Y. 3. dynamics of shape is designed to adjust the dynamic parameters of a print, such as: fluctuations in the size, the minimum diameter, the angle of oscillation, vibration and other forms, purpose of which is usually more intuitive to the possibility of changing the dynamics of the brush from the list control in which mode is selected the corresponding dynamic parameter. In the retire parameter does not vary in the transition mode – varies smoothly, with the rate of change of the parameter is set in a nearby window. Modes of Pen Pressure, pen tilt and Stylus Wheel designed to work with Paint brush on textured canvas or paper. To select a pattern used as a brush, open the list of ready-made designs in the top section. Just tab has the following settings: scale, depth, mode, and the parameters a minimum depth and the depth of oscillation becomes available after you select each texture imprint 6. Dual brushes in contrast to the usual brush apply two strokes per pap. 7. Color dynamics has the following settings: vibration foreground and background, variations of hue, saturation and brightness and clarity 8. Other speakers have the following configuration items parameters: the fluctuations of the opacity and the amount of paint as you can see Photoshop allows you to not only create but also the flexibility to customize the tools to keep them in separate files and transferred to another computer. Through such opportunity to significantly work as professional designers and novice fans of Photoshop.