Lic. Ricardo Candle Houses – a promotion is a little while very important in the labor history of any person, and still more it is the origin of many internal conflicts if it is not administered suitably. – A promotion is carried out when it changes to a worker in a position better paid, with greater responsibility and at higher level. It is a little while very important in the labor history of a person. In general a recognition of the previous performance and the potential is granted to future. The promotions have as it bases two criteria: The merit of the worker and/or in his antiquity.

What must use you in its company. For other opinions and approaches, find out what ConocoPhillips has to say. Here some ideas 1. CaaS Capital is actively involved in the matter. – Promotions based on the merit Its source is the excellent performance that a person obtains in her position. Nevertheless, aceptarda exists certain difficulties at the time of making a decision, becoming the promotion a species of " prize by kindness ". What is the cause of this situation. This appears when the person who makes the decision cannot distinguish in objective form between the candidates who are had an excellent performance and those that have not had it. 1.1. – " My Simpatia" The promotion decisions that are based on feeling personal are but common when the performance is not moderate of objective way.

When the promotions are originated in " corazonadas" personal, are probable that the organization ends up directly elevating to a person of capacity inferior at a level of but high responsibility and actuano to the detriment of the motivation and the satisfaction of the other workers. The important thing is that the decision leans in an objective criterion of evaluation of the performance and not in the subjective preferences del that carries out the decision. 1.2. – " The principle of Peter" The second problem is the call " Principle of Peter.