Parents And Children

It is common in the current days, to hear the parents to say the children: in my time it did not have this. However clearly that it did not have, the times had moved, the society moved, the relations had moved. I do not want to say here that the children can make what to want and to have total freedom, is not this, the values must be kept, the established limits, everybody has that to know who he is who, father is father, son is son, the country must establish the parameters, inside of the authority without authoritarianism, education, good ways and respect does not fall of fashion, therefore they are values. What it walks lacking is dialectic, is exactly to define these limits, to be respected and accepted. How professor and educator I have attended some inquietantes facts, certain time vi an adolescent speaking with the mother, as if the mother was the son and the son the mother, who is who? already vi a father to place the punishment son until Saturday and to liberate in fifth going to attend a film with the colleague, who already saw this? , the proper father broke limit that it established, as goes to have respect? or then the son makes a wrong thing and the mother and the father are that they go to suffer, the little boy go to have fun themselves and the parents are to decide alone the problem, as to create the sense of norm, duty and responsibility in this future citizen? (citizen will have itself). On the other hand we must understand, that the young ones are of this generation, clearly, they had arrived and they found the world there as it is, the cellular one, the computer, the freedom, the ballad, the dealer, the drug, the free and premature sex, the television, that invades our house at any time, showing everything to all.