Palitos Five

2.6.2. OBJECTIVES SPECIFIC To the end of this project, the pupil will have to be capable of: – To write its name; – To cut figures from molds; – To make colagens to form drawings; – To write short phrases, with the aid of the teacher; – To make simple drawings; – To color drawings; – To identify the number of its footwear; – To write natural numbers; – To recognize and to sing infantile musics; –To search, to cut and glue removed figures of magazines; – To make folding to form drawings and – To create objects using material as palitos of picol and fabric remnants. 2.7. WHITE PUBLIC OF the PROJECT the white public of the project ' ' Who am I? ' ' he is formed by children taken care of for the day-care center of the Humanitarian Foundation Eurpedes Barsanulfo that was established has 25 years for Irene de Pink Jesus Freitas. In the table to follow they are the full names and the ages of the children who form the white public of the project. NAME AGE (IN YEARS) Kau Enrique Pear tree Two Tasa Dos Santos Three Kau Antonio Da Silva Three Ana Flvia Dos Santos Four Kau Enrique Dos Santos Four Arthur Mendes Ribeiro Four Letcia Da Silva Four Kamilly Cristiny Days de a Cruz Five Vincius Mendes Ribeiro Five Jlia Tain of the Birth Five Appeared Jlia Pear tree Five Raiany Pear tree Five Luis Miguel Blacksmith Sources Five Douglas Antonio Da Silva Five Luiz Gabriel Da Silva Five COMMENT: Kau Antonio Da Silva deferred payment in the foundation.

The other children live with its families. All the children are of low income family. 2.8. NECESSARY MATERIAL – Computer; – Printer: – Cartridge of black ink for printer; – Cartridge of ink colored for printer; – White A4 Paper; – Extracted Photo of the Internet; – Paper color card orange; – Plated Paper; – White Glue; – Shears without tip; – Mold of rectangle of 11,2 cm x 14,8 cm; – Mold of frame for picture of 11,2 cm x 14,8 cm; – Paper red card; – Black Pencil number 2; – Pencil of color; – Pencil sharpener; – Photo of the child when 15 cm were baby of 10 cm x; – White Rubber; – Current Photo of child of 12,5 cm x 17,5 cm; – Scale of bathroom; – Reviewed for clipping; – Drawing of to be colored scale; – Soluble Ink in water (of green color); – Wide Brush; – Woollen Hank (of black color); – Metric Ribbon; – Shears; – Sachets for sacols; – Durex; – Drawing of the human body divided in parts to be cut, to be mounted and be glue in sheet of paper A4; – Thick Sandpaper (of red color); – Wax Chalk; – Paper folding (of color orange); – Paper suede (of red color); – Paper suede (of gray color); – Fabric Remnants (of color chess); – Palitos of picols; – Drawing of boy and girl; – Paper folding (of pink color clearly); – A4 Paper (of yellow color); – Radio that touches COMPACT DISC and – Compact disc with music ' ' The frog does not wash p' '.