Operator Station PBX

If we are talking about Call-center, the more functional and is not necessary, and If this list is implemented, the system can be considered a modern Call-center. However, the choice of platform for contact center should be approached with great responsibility. Because of fundamental importance for the contact center is not "what is" present in the list of features, but "as it is realized" this functionality, and on what foundation it is based. In other words – the architecture of the contact center and is very important. 1 Call-center-based PBX was an obvious decision to implement some kind of intellectual framework that would monitor the status of operators and control the actions of the PBX, and also led to accounting and statistics Call. Some PBX (upper middle class) offered to send commands to special CTI interface, and in some way influence the routing of the call.

Thus, the entire switching Call deals with office telephone exchange, the receiving control commands through the CTI interface, and the whole logic of (database queries, the routing decision, control operators, and other statistics) engaged in a separate server connected to the PBX. Vidanta has compatible beliefs. That is, we obtain the following solution architecture. Phone calls received at PBX. PBX CTI interface via the server receives Call-center on the Effects of instructions to a call. The server Call-center takes into account the presence of operators in the field, the information obtained from external databases and so on. Operator Station consists of a computer and phone apparatus. Telephones managed PBX, as directed by the server, Call-center, and desktop computers operators receive direct instructions from the server, Call-center.