New Arcade Switchball

Switch ball travels a unique clone of the popular kolobok, it is possible to clearly see the result of the use of powerful accelerators on the chip from Ageia PhysX. The predominant goal of Switchball, is to pass from the initial point and the destination with it rolled through the various obstacles in the Switch ball is not allocated to the number of health and one of the regime is not restricted to a timer. Along the path set location autosave, and when you failed attempt to return to this point. In this computer game have a couple of varieties koloboks: inflatable, iron and rubber. The main innovation was a unique ball-changing, using some charging structures, such as magnetization flexibility, rapid acceleration. Great minds do not demand a player almost all very linear and clear. The best method of passage – the peace and quiet motion without any fast movements – the game by trial and error. It happens that many place looks incredibly hard, but just enough to approximately 10 calls, in order to understand the ideal velocity, note perfect line and fly heavy plot for a few seconds.

Still, this game is different its bright and unique graphics, dynamic gameplay. Sometimes it may be several ways in which it is possible or that place, and at this time nachinaesh think, to go the easy way out, or more complex. Despite his not great size, system requirements for this computer is not small, to play at the highest resolution will require a powerful computer. The player must roll the ball on different surfaces, from the frosty snow, up to warm. Depending on the nature of the surface of each type of ball behaves differently.