Never Boredom? Event Tips By Eventoni

A novel concept of an open search engine for events in Germany boredom – and no idea for the leisure or the upcoming weekend? Here a new search engine to remedy now for events. The dates on a webpage but in social networks, applications and gadgets are published. In contrast to traditional sporting calendars in the network offers eventoni not only a Web page with detailed information of to regional and national events. The Mission of the company: The collection and processing of all dates and events in Germany. And there is no major events with commercial background in focus. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with EOG Resources Inc..

It is of course. As well as small – and micro dates such as the Club evening of the local pigeon breeders association or the happy hour in the favorite bar. Currently over 800,000 appointments are registered and there are more every day. Distribution via plugins, applications and social networks the publication of dates is not like traditional event calendars on a Web page but social networks, applications and gadgets that every webmaster can use free of charge. There is for example an own Facebook application, where users can find not only events after interest and region and get more details.

To do this, in rather, they can invite their friends, draw attention to an appointment or comment on events. A completely free solution for operators of Web pages eventoni. So that any webmaster can use, no matter what system he works. Eventoni provides all popular content management systems (CMS) – E.g. for Drupal, Typo3 and Joomla modules. The dates can be integrated purposefully are interesting for the visitors to a Web site. A webmaster operates as a blog on the topic of “Berlin” he can specifically show the dates, which take place in Berlin or deal with the theme of “Berlin”. Currently, mobile applications are developed, which will be released in the coming week.