Netbook Philco

After receiving innumerable questions in the college on which better netbook to buy, later that I appeared with mine netbook Acer in the lesson, I decided to create a series of texts more speaking the respect on these you scheme that they give of 10 in design and harness in any notebook and tablets. Today I go to more say of netbook Philco and a little on details technician on it. We go there. The Netbook Philco has the highest technology for who likes if to amuse with netbook, as it comes with Intel processor, it is excellent for who carries through multitasks, edits photos and other images, very good also to listen to musics with perfect quality thanks to its exits stereo of 1,5W. Memory of 2GB that it is the minimum for the good functioning of Windows 7, 320GB of hard disk and webcam to optimize communication on-line it has all the apparatus necessary to sail itself. Account still with good chipset intel NM10 Express chipset, integrated with the excellent plate mother also intel.

Usb 2,0 of high speed, exit VGA for external and reading video still possesss three doors of cards of very useful memory for who want to send photos for email. It also comes with office 2010 to starter and Windows 7 to also starter, the two together ones decides the great majority of the tasks online with tranquilidade, which had its compatibility. With a battery of three cells that approximately confers it an autonomy of 180 minutes, this small light netbook takes care of the expectations of who well uses the device pra to be connected the biggest possible time, and in case that it needs it can take the together source therefore is small light e. With the screen led of ten counts with resolution of 1024×600 pixel the energy economy this guaranteed, because it already comes configured to save the maximum of resources of the system being thus made with that the battery lasts considerably more. Keyboard ABNT of good size, is comfortable to type and ally to mouse Touchpad that can be substituted by one usb, gives to the joint robustness and trustworthiness, beyond to be relatively resistant the dust and liquids. All these information in a marcante machine of design and the portabilidade of only 1,25kg with guarantee of plant of 1 year. In the end of the accounts excellent netbook. The mark also is very good, with certainty a choice that makes the invested money to be valid the penalty. Very good for students who need to load much information for all the places, for having access the Internet also you doubt to kill them, and that it is of full bag to up and down take that cadernada without end in the knapsack.