Natalia Koshlyakov

Fifth, the business manager – a profession that is specifically studying at universities, and then a lifetime refresher courses. Sixth, there is the knowledge of psychology, in which leaders even allowed to invade, for example, neurotic mechanisms Consultants. Seventh, each consultant has the right to receive the knowledge and to the extent that it thinks fit for themselves. Imagine that you, as parents, strongly indicated a single school, which has the right to walk your child. A related site: Professor of Internet Governance mentions similar findings. What feelings do you have and what to do? Conclusions: build an effective system of training can, in consultation with "outside" professionals on issues of strategy and tactics, systemic and continuity of knowledge; to competently and consistently combine training by leaders and professional business coaches, motivation to attend training: folk wisdom says: "We must first empty wallet to fill your head, then head fills the purse is several times greater than it was " ruble invested in their education brings a profit of 30 rubles; need to be taught by different leaders and trainers on the one theme, complete picture emerges as a mosaic of many parts, because Each of the teachers gives only 5% of their knowledge. A parable about a young man who came to Mozart. The guy said with admiration: "Oh, Master! I've always dreamed of become Mozart. Now, when will I learn from you, I am carrying out its dream.

" At the Master replied: "I can not tell who you'll be wanting to be me. For I have always dreamed of becoming a God, and became only the Mozart ". Any time – this outburst of emotions, the charge of enthusiasm, positive energy; To provide an effective and successful leader, you need to attend to as long as the first line will be yourself to attend training already with its first line, ie they will dublitsirovat their leader in education. One of the status Leaders said: "If you came to training one, then the next six months he will radiate around you. If you come with the team after the seminar each of your partners will become the source of energy. " With best regards, Natalia Koshlyakov, business coach, psychologist and analyst. The article is written specifically for .ru be permitted without additional approval from author of the article in the free online editions, while maintaining the integrity of the text, including this notice, and working hyperlinks. Publication of a paid online publications and paper media require the consent of the author. All rights reserved.