Mobile Video Communication

Each year, mobile phones are becoming more perfect and more perfect. Long gone phones with text display. Soon, they were followed and the tube with a monochrome screen. And today, no surprise for anybody bright pictures used as wallpaper on the screen handset. The emergence of phones with large screen (176 * 220 240 * 320 or even more), as well as increase the capacity of embedded processors in them has made possible the phenomenon of as mobile video. Have been developed video format for playback on mobile devices. The most popular among them acquired the format 3GPP.

Subsequently, widespread received the same format MP4. And the most modern devices can play conventional and avi, wmv and mpeg files. Format 3GPP. Files in this format have the extension 3GP, and to date are most popular among those who want to watch videos on your phone. In order to turn an ordinary avi file to 3GP format video, you can use one of the many-videokonvertorov. Often, such programs can be found on the companion phone drive, among other useful utilities. The main plus 3GP – a relatively small file size, achieved by modern compression algorithms. This, at the same time, is its main disadvantage because it does not allow to get video quality.

Format MP4. This format has come to mobile devices with personal computers. Support it is not on all phones, but where possible to play MP4 video, it can achieve much better results compared to the classical 3GP. Most modern videokonvertorov allows you to convert video in this format. Besides the fact that videos can be converted independently, there is one simple way to get ready 3GP and MP4 files. The fact that the Internet there are plenty of sites offering their visitors the chance to download the most diverse mobile content, including video mobile phones. What to choose: download finished videos on your phone, or convert it to 3GP or MP4 formats on their own – depends on your choice.