Mobile Swivel Board

Marker dry safe open, you can forget for a few days, and it does not dry out. Necessary accessories: you can dispensed with, but is it worth? Cleaning brush for white boards – a handy tool to erase from the surface of the boards, it's nice when the magnetic, can be attached anywhere on the board. There are disposable and interchangeable straps, then we can to save money without compromising quality. Magnetic holder for whiteboard markers – particularly useful if the board is no shelf for markers. It can be fixed in any place the board, it is important when the board are people of different growth, each set at the desired height in a convenient location. Magnets – designed to fix the instruments to the surface.

Another use – marking, for example, together with the boards, planners. Magnets sold in one color or variety. Buying magnets, choose the desired color, size and shape. Whiteboard cleaner – designed to clean contaminated surfaces with marker boards, it is better not to save, buy a reputable manufacturer. Wet wipes for white boards.

No need to look for a brush, cloth and a special liquid to cool the board. Wet wipes nonwoven impregnated with a means to cleaning of contaminated surfaces with marker boards. The same marker boards? Mobile Swivel Board. Outline the situation on one side, and the conclusions and suggestions – on the other. Bilateral white magnetic marker board with polymer-coated in aluminum profile on a movable stand. The wheels are equipped with locks. There is a ledge for markers. Boards planners – to help plan their activities, the activities of departments, companies for a week or a year in advance, to record execution of an action. This plan will be always before your eyes. Make it possible to mark the necessary marker, a variety of ready-cut or self- magnetic signs from the proposed set below or using standard magnets in various colors. Small areas of the grid scheduler can erase a little of the magnetic brush. At its core, this white boards with marker printed on them mesh (graph). Working the metal surface has a polymer coating. The frame of aluminum profiles