Mobile Phone Radiation

Imagine that a person faces the constant wearing of a mobile phone in the pocket of pants. Others believe that while talking on the phone's head is irradiated as well as if it were to stick to a running microwave. Studies that examined the influence of mobile phone radiation on the body, give very conflicting results. Some organizations claim that the phones can not cause cancer. And some believe that the use phone for ten years can cause brain tumors and salivary glands, as well as serious psychological problems.

In high-risk are children, whose brain is still developing. American Communications Commission, FCC, assures us that all new phones have the level of SAR (Specific absorption rate) – not more than 1.6 W / kg. For Europe, an indicator of the power absorbed by the body while using the phone is 2 W / kg. In Russia, the use own system – in watts per square centimeter. EWG has recently stated that the FCC improperly testing the phones, given their impact only on the head and not the whole body. Moreover, the organization noted that the safe the radiation level established for the phone, only 2.5 times less than the level of radiation, which causes abnormalities in animal behavior. Whatever it was, but there are some simple ways to protect against radio waves, emitted by mobile phone.

1.Obraschayte attention to the signal level. If it's one or two "sticks", say less. Phone to "dokrichatsya" to the base station, it is necessary to raise the level of radiation, which is also faster consumes the charge of battery.