Mario World

For the time of the games of the Mario Bros, the technology seemed not to be able to advance more, therefore she was considered of tip. Exactly thus, although some limitations technological, it was possible to find solutions for the problems that had appeared. In the case of the Mario, it was difficult to create sprites (three-dimensional object graphical bi or that if move in a screen without leaving traces of its ticket of animation) for the hair of Mario, for example. Therefore, it uses a cap. Moreover, the avantajado nose and the great mustache of the personage had been the found alternatives, at the time, to hide its mouth that was not moved when it spoke.

The amount of pixels divided land into parcels by the personage also was a problem, what it limited the possibility of this effect. With passing of the years, the appearance of the personage was evolving, in accordance with the launching of new games of the Mario for Nintendo. In the game of Super name Mario World, the personage already possesss an improved appearance, in result of a bigger amount of pixels possible at the time. Moreover, so that it was possible to enxergar the movements of the arms of the Mario, them they needed to be a different color of its body. To decide the problem, the personage it gained overalls and a blue t-shirt red. Today, with the growth of the Internet, also, in what it says respect to the videogame games that, until little time, they were of exclusiveness of other medias, the games of the Mario can be had access in sites easily specialized. In them, games with the Mario in the different adventures, as much most classic are found, that all go to remember, as in modern adventures, where Mario walks of jet-ski, motion, or same, constraint space battles. An excellent chance of relembrar the personage who conquered as many admirers throughout the time.