Management Processes

Management process today is complicated by the fact that the external situation is not stable. Therefore, in the first place there is the need to maintain awareness of how employees – about the state of affairs of the company, and business leaders – about changes in work, including contractors. According to Natalia , designer of the company J-style (Organization of office space), currently the company did with the accents. Convenience and comfort prefer office efficiency in work. “Today many people are changing the existing system and are seated employees in open space, assuming that the total space of a beneficial effect on communication in the team, the staff always open to debate – she explains. – Earlier on any issue had to call or go to another room, Now, simply turn on the chair.

” Thus, in addition to facilitating the flow of information in open space reduces the time to perform certain operations. “In this technique a lot of planning advantages, especially in terms of leaders – adds architect Olga Anufrieva. – Lack of boundaries allows the mobile office environment and change the layout of seats, depending on need. ” But in fairness, it should be noted that this method is widely used in foreign offices, are still heavily take root in Russian companies. Even when the staff offered to move from an old and close premises spacious bright office, many remain dissatisfied. “Of course, any change in humans cause fear and anxiety – continues Olga Anufrieva. – Probably, but this Russian man hard to get used to the constant Control “.