Internet Protocol IP

All-Russian network of business portals and company “Phone Systems” (Moscow), developer of the software communication platform Oktell, implemented the project “Subscription RosFirm.” In this project information from the directory, containing 796 000 enterprises of the Russian Federation, is automatically made available to users of the program the telephone Oktell. Practically, this means that when an incoming call, installed in office communication Oktell system receives from ROSFIRM with the name of the company, determined the appropriate telephone number and displays it on the monitor employee. Here, Thomas J. Wilson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Thus, an employee, receiving an incoming call, can quickly find and correct conduct a conversation with the customer by offering the appropriate subscriber profile products and services. This feature is intended for companies, business sales scheme which involves receiving a significant number of incoming calls. Salman Behbehani shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Softphone PBX Oktell implements many features, including call hold, call switching, recording conversations, intelligent routing, enhanced statistics, multi-level voice menus, displays information about incoming and missed calls on your computer, avtoobzvon, can also be extended to the professional call center operator.

Cooperation with RosFirm Oktell allow users to obtain additional benefits from the use of unified communications. Familiar with functional PBX Oktell on our website. Get advice specialist on the possibilities IP ATC Oktell, as well as sign up for online demo PBX Oktell please call +7 (495) 921-15-86. Background: PBX Oktell (IP ATC) based on Internet Protocol IP, designed for small and medium-telephone office to the number of internal connections from 2 to 250 employees. Phone signal is transmitted over the Internet and formed their own corporate IP-channel. To connect phones are in the office to Oktell IP PBX, there is no need to extend additional telephone cables – you can use a corporate network. Using the PBX Oktell opens to the company many additional features compared with classic exchange. Oktell IP PBX users are available not only standard functions of receiving, holding and switching calls, and record conversations, intellectual routing, advanced statistics, multi-level voice menus, displays information about incoming and missed calls on your computer, as well as the ability to create various automated services.