Internet IP Address

When you connect to the Internet user receives from the provider's unique number – IP address. And not released any address, and free from a range of IP addresses allocated to this provider. Thus, knowing the IP address can be easily identify the provider and therefore the country, place, address of the provider. Given that providers are obliged to record the history of each compound, about anonymity on the network can be forgotten. Some users may be connected to a local (LAN) network, managed servers, and that server is connected to the Internet and receive an IP address. Thus, all users on the LAN have the same Internet IP address. Such local networks are used as Typically organizations.

It would seem, here it is – anonymity! However, the server records the organization of course, the story of how an Internet connection, and the history of LAN connections. Yes, and the user's computer records as much information about his or her actions in the most unexpected places, that we should be very prepared for an expert to erase a trail. It turns out that the main information that can identify visitor – the IP address. You can easily find the IP address that is assigned to you at this time. To read more click here: Grupo Vidanta. And the service whois ip get all the data about the provider, its range of addresses and contact information. Hide your IP address, you can use so-called proxy servers, which are passed through a stream of data as the user to the site and in the opposite direction.