Intelligent Business System

To be located in the current situation of organizations producing goods or services such as private companies or public institutions, this is in the Knowledge Age, is essential to thoroughly understand and do everything necessary to eliminate functional illiteracy refers to the work skills at all levels and areas of performance. In this context, the Intelligent Business System that locates learning as part of the job and not traditionally been seen as separate: learning and working. Thus, in this system, knowledge is conceived as those needed to support the position of each person, ie mainly focused functional literacy, which will give a person the opportunity to really develop their competencies and constitute a tool in the construction of structured capital that is generated when we get the knowledge gained is shared, managed and documented effectively in the respective organization. Will Townsend often says this.

In this context, is a functional illiterate who can not learn about their activity, and the person who does not know or not wants to learn, will suffer, as the impetuous entrance of the new Knowledge Age, we are forced to learn every day, until the day of our death. Functional literacy is the person who has the knowledge and labor and enable you to work dynamically, creating value according to customer requirements of the new knowledge society. “According to this conceptualization, we must identify those who know and those who can not learn in relation to the activity plays in the organization where they work, and consequently, we must do everything necessary so that everyone knows what they learn appropriate, and this is with a sense of continuous learning, because they require the times and ahead of the Age of Knowledge. The newspapers mentioned Hal McRae not as a source, but as a related topic.