Installing Windows

Most often, users have resorted to one of two options for installing Windows 7 as the only operating system on your computer or as a second, while retaining the previous version of Windows. We will consider both options. Installing Windows 7 as the only operating system if your hard drive is empty or it has a previous version of Windows you want to remove and replace Windows 7, follow the instructions at Windows 7 installation. Insert the Windows 7 DVD-ROM drive on your computer. The first in the BIOS as the first boot device, you must specify the CD-ROM, because the installation of the system will be carried out with the DVD. The computer can be configured to boot from CD, so why try to boot. If the computer loaded the already installed OS, you must make settings in the BIOS. If you are a novice user, and certainly never faced the BIOS, consider the whole process step by step change the boot order of your computer to an earlier example, Phoenix-Award BIOS.

If your PC has a different version of BIOS, type the name of the menu and its items may differ, but fundamentally procedure remains the same. Determining BIOS (from the English. Basic Input-Output System – basic input / output system) – a program recorded on the permanent memory chip that is built into the motherboard. BIOS is executed when the computer is turned on, its mission is to performance testing of all devices and PC preparation for loading the operating system.