Human Rights

Human rights in the article permanent violation of human rights in Oaxaca’s Sandra Ramos Rojas, speaks of how are violated the human rights of indigenous peoples every day, since the Government does not accept them as self-employed and not respecting their customs and traditions that have been performed for centuries. This problem won’t be solved with economic funds, since it is a problem that has to be delete root, first respecting them, accepting them as self-employed and by applying the law as well as any other citizen. The theme of human rights a very broad topic I think which can be seen in all areas and sectors of the country, and we can see how they violate every day, this is a very common example in our country, already always you have been discriminated against minorities and the weak or poor groups that existis one shame that the Government them this treatment to these ethnic groups and which does not protect them as it should be. I also think that not only is a problem of the Government, since society itself excludes them and others themselves are often those who discriminate them. In Mexico we need to learn to respect and take into account people different from us, since not only does not respect indigenous peoples, but also are violated the rights of children, women, the right to life, abortion, although it is not tangible, since already in the pansa’s mother is a human being, and the bigger right there is violated.