How To Safely Order Copywriter Article Or Text

It is clear that the best way – to write it myself, but it is not always possible. I, being a professional copywriter who sincerely do not understand why people can not sit down and write a page of text on the subject in which they are very competent. However, just as the designer does not understand why a banner, which he does for a half hour, someone is willing to lay out the money. A programmer does not understand – why people are willing to pay well over a dozen stitches simple code. A marketer does not understand anything at all, but it is now not about that.

It is now that we are all different – for a brilliant programmer copywriting can be a dark forest, not to mention the fact that the qualitative Writing to him or surrender never. That is, this fact should just take it for granted and do not bother in this thread – everyone should do what he does best. Then it will not only harmony in the heart, but also nice weight in your pocket. However, if you decide to order content for the site – a few tips you will not interfere. Usually it is recommended to pay attention to portfolio contender for your hard-earned money. Council a reasonable – if it not lead to fanaticism. I actually know people who have a couple of brilliant texts in the portfolio – and a huge bunch of ugly text that they write for customers.

Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the date texts in the portfolio. Article two years ago, you should be alerted. Ask the copywriter to show at least a fragment of his last text written to order. If it starts to "float" that the client will not allow it to show texts – this is nonsense. Fragment – it is a fragment. To steal – enough to understand with whom you are dealing – is enough. The second point – the presence of a copywriter's own site. If a man set to work seriously – there is no no reasonable explanation for the lack of such a site. Tip three. Do not order an unknown author once a "package of texts." Let this be an article for which you pay 50% advance payment. If you are not satisfied with the quality – force the condition to modify, and then will decide – whether you need a writer. If the condition to modify fails – well, you have lost not so much.