Harvard University

Universalized egoism on our planet, by the irresponsible use of its resources, is leading us to destruction. Edward O. Wilson, professor of science at Harvard University writes: “The most recent mass extinction was caused 65 million years ago by a giant meteor showers today near the Yucatan (Mexico), put an end to the era of dinosaurs … biologists admit that we are witnessing the early stages of the seventh mass extinction, caused not by the forces of nature but by human intervention. “This is what we are witnessing the initial phase of the extinction of the human species, although there are those who say we have passed the point of no return. It is therefore extremely urgent to return all that implies prevent the extinction of the planet, and this necessarily means the extinction of selfishness universally throughout the world.

And we are in the balance, or selfishness or extinguish extinguish our planet. There is no alternative, and it is our last chance. When God gave us a way of life to take us to paradise, we reject it again over a lifetime of excessive attention to our needs and demands of the body material, neglecting the spiritual and mental development, and its consequences have led to the brink of extinction on the planet. We have heard repeatedly that we are created in the image and likeness of God, but also by the same establishment are made in the image and likeness of animals. And when that The latter was a scientific discovery, it was more comfortable choosing to live as rational animals, but animals in the end, and by doing so “legitimately” give free rein to satisfy our material needs irrational. And the “rational animals” we have done the planet?