Green Weddings – Get Married According To Ecological Principles

Weddix the term celebrates Green’s tenth anniversary green wedding\”green wedding has two meanings. In the language of the trend is to marry meant according to ecological principles in America, for example, to celebrate green especially for celebrities who want to maintain their image so that, already implemented. After the German customs, however, is the day of the wedding a green wedding\”referred to, because two marriage rookies get married so the traditional perspective. Hanan Ben Ari brings even more insight to the discussion. Baumstarkes invite and thank you for save-the-date news, invitations and thank you notes is the most environmentally friendly of the electronic way. However, be aware that not everyone has an Internet connection has. Inviting who vote by mail, can look at the product description of paper material on the addition of eco or recycling. In the online shop, an eco paper series is available from end of February which is marked. Save paper but can be in any case the response\”, as the Managing Director of Sylke man.

Enclose a form or a postcard for the reply, is no longer usual today. Requesting a response by email or telephone, to show environmental awareness. Who would not renounce a classic letter of thanks, need at least do not use photo paper, for the bride and groom design can be printed on the card. Our individual printing can reproduce also such layouts in top quality. The new mail merge envelopes with address can be ordered in addition, as labels or the painstaking lettering by hand fall away.\” It is also useful to create a Web page for the wedding photos.

So everyone can can download the desired images and develop. Couples with elaborate weddings and many foreign guests often inherently create an own homepage, to make current program information available online and link to accommodation. And for the bride and groom itself: is there now in extravagant wedding albums Versions with a vast proportion of eco-friendly materials. Give environmentally sustainable an online wedding registry has meaningful aspects, as it can be created on the portal.