GPRS Modem

This article focuses on the use of a mobile phone as an EDGE / GPRS-modem for your PC or laptop with Windows XP to the Internet. If your car is a different operating system is Windows, the procedure for setting not be very different from the above. If you use your mobile phone as a modem to connect to the World "Web" – not the cheap and quality, but if there is no other option, that is enough for Internet surfing and downloading small files. To connect you need: 1. Mobile phone with built-in EDGE-or GPRS-modem (almost any modern mobile handset). 2. USB-cable to connect your phone to a computer or Bluetooth-Adapter for USB (not needed if your laptop has a built-in Bluetooth-adapter). In this case, the phone must also have Bluetooth).

3. Modem driver or program-synchronizer for your phone, which comes on the bundled CD phone or downloaded from the Internet. Drivers for some phones can be found here: – NOKIA – – SONY ERICSSON – – SAMSUNG – – MOTOROLA – – LG – – FLY – 4. SIM-card for a mobile operator with the required amount in the account. This element should be given special attention, because the quality and speed of Internet connections for different operators are quite different. Results of testing services to major mobile operators are working in Ukraine, looks like this: – fastest internet available MTS and Beeline (the actual speed of up to 9.5 kbit / s via a GPRS-modem and up to 13.5 kbit / s over EDGE-modem) is stable; – Kyivstar provides up to 5 kbit / s on GPRS and up 7 kbit / s on EDGE, sometimes hangs – Life on the Internet is very cheap, but virtually absent (3-4 kbit / s with very large faults). Speed and quality may vary by region of your stay and time of day. 5. To determine the rate plan and find a service center or visit the mobile operator initialization string and dial-up number for your phone, which will need to register to configure the modem and connection. Read more.