Google Adwords

Another option is affiliated this is a good choice as long as you live in the countries with which companies work, the idea of this is for example if your website is you can place computers or banner ads from companies like Apple and if someone does click the banner on your website and buy an Apple computer you earn a commission for that sale. For more information visit the following link: Then once you have your idea the way you make money it is time to create your own website, you can make hiring a designer in your country or do it by yourself using my videos tutorial will explain you step by step how make your own web site within hours. These videos have it for free, now eye that my tutorials are free but the cost of hosting and domain have a cost as any service but will definitely be much cheaper to hire a designer to make it better and you'll have complete control and you will not have to pay anyone whenever you want to make any changes and you'll have your real time statistics, those are some advantages of doing it on your own a web page. Finally you have your idea, and verify that no market, then decide how you want to make money, make your website the next step is very simple and will be arriving in this market they want to go run and I think is the only way start selling from the beginning and start making money and is using Google Adwords or Yahoo Marketing, these other two tools are basic to many pages to sell and pass them aside and explain not leaving one in the middle of nowhere and I'll explain why.