Therefore we can not aspire to the best performance in the globalization without first having the same domain. When are we going to start earning from our invaluable wealth of autochthonous?, we can stop investing in copy educational projects of little compatible with our countries, or we hope abroad that if account is given of the culturally diverse social and environmental scan everything and leave us the ruins as a product of its exploitation? And where is the Colombian scientific pedagogical character? Conclusion the education of natural sciences in the city of Bogota D.C., should orient towards scientific exploration, socio-cultural and environmental response to harnessing the broad investigative curriculum, offered by urban, rural, resources and those incorporated by the native and immigrant ethnic population that shapes it. On the other hand the breakdown of technical vocabulary in its etymological roots, the actual incorporation of partner epistemological and anthropological elements that encourage competition in scientific work as well as the ludociencia and teaching by example, help to strengthens the roots by resources and their transversality in quality of life of Colombians. Recently Walter R. Mansfield sought to clarify these questions. References. http// statistics / information system of the Observatory. .