George Orwell

In his book a 1984a , George Orwell said that the march toward greater power is so strong that in time a few addressed the crowds and use all the scientific methods to psychological and intellectual, willingness to maintain this control,, The homibre organized is just another step towards the complete control of actions and thoughts. Consider the analysis of fromn Erich, who is one of the most penetrating and. Psicoanalisitas Influential this time, says the desire to conform or adapt is a kind of insanity that arises from the inability of man to solve human existence. On the one hand humans are animals and as such seek security, feeling happy when their physical needs are met and how the environment around them is not manifested hostile. But man is more than one animal, it is also rational. Can you think of their experiences and this element, thought, is a new dimension to human existence. Instead of certainty is uncertainty, I may doubt that the media is really friend Instead of security, is inseiguridad, it may wonder if the satisfaction of their physical needs is all you need. In other words, man is born of the safe, warm and calm animal existence of insecurity and uncertainty of animal life, In this way, Fromm says, many people are afraid of being human and become the desired security instinitiva for all animals, they act in many ways, giving unconditional support to a goibernante or leader, allowing an organization to regulate their lives, making a living in some impersonal task and then vegetate the rest of the day in front of a TV or computer.