Flavia Liberona Dams

After almost two hours of meeting between the pre-candidate of the left, Jorge Arrate and the managers of the Defense council of Patagonia (CDP), the presidenciable emphasized the thematic coincidence of the crossed Patagonia Without Dams the line of his work in the race to the Currency, because both approach from the political energetics, the environment, the territorial balance to the development model and the social fairness. The retinue of the CDP, integrated by Flavia Liberona and Paola Vasconi de Terram, Patricio Rodrigo and Hernn Sandoval of Ambient Chile, Juan Pablo Orrego de Ecosistemas, Hernn Mladinic de Fundacin Pumaln and Manuel Baquedano of the Institute of Political Ecology, gave to the candidate and its head of campaign, Robert Pizarro, the arguments of defense of the heart of the Patagonia. Aysn is a region with own project: Aysn Reserve of Life, that would be destroyed by a power enclave of a Chilean-Italo-Hispanic transnational partnership (Colbn/ENDESA Spain-Enel) , expressed the secretary executive of the CDP, Patricio Rodrigo.

The water also was an excellent subject in the appointment with the ex- minister of Frei and Aylwin, since until nowadays HidroAysn it does not have the water right to make specific the project presented/displayed to the System of Evaluation of Environmental impact, because in past October the DGA denied the request to him of 5 new rights of water advantage in the rivers Baker and Passover to consider in the resolution that these are incompatible with the constitution of the right solicitado”. It because the points of pick up and restitution asked for by the company ” they are within the area of flood of the rights already constituted in the year 90″ by the original owner of these rights, ENDESA. Within the dialogue, Jorge Arrate added a human data about his commitment with the Patagonia campaign Without Dams, explaining that for a time he is integral of tie a Facebook group to the motto. Finally, the candidate of the left emphasized that the presidential campaign is an opportunity abrir it debates public and, in that sense, the Patagonia campaign Without Dams is a priority subject.