Flash Tool

It is trivial distortion of the battery (remove-and-paste). When the line Press ON / OFF key.Please … does not respond or breaks down, you should test the battery wires or distort. If you give an objective evaluation of the program, we can say that the work it does not cause great difficulties. The program is easy to operate and allows a number of issues. Another utility for the Chinese firmware Flash Tool, which is a good alternative program Spiderman. According to many users, with Flash Tool can fix the problem, even if Spiderman has not helped. The principle of the program a little harder, but you can understand.

Let's start with gold Rules – Merge native fullerene. Open the program and run the command DownloadAgent, which is located in the upper left corner. Then select MTK_AllInOne_DA. Scatter Loading – scat26.27.28.29. Click Option tab, select the Com Port and specify the number of com port cable, which goes through connect your phone to your computer. Note that the cable must be properly configured to find the right options for crucifying will be discussed later.

Then, in the same menu tab, select the Baud Rate and set the speed. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ivan Chavez Vidanta. Sometimes a high speed may cause problems, so it is best to set the average value, for example 460 800 230 400 or. We now turn to the tab Readback and click Add, which is located just below. In a production line appears oblsti type NA 0x00000000 0x00000000 ROM_0. Click twice on the window to the right of NA and in the dialog box the filename of our firmware, and then, depending on the amount of flash memory cards for your phone, point out the relevant addresses.