Financial Legislation

While recognizing the importance of theoretical discussion must be passed to visualize and understand the practical effects involved in the acceptance of ethical values to enable Human Development. We propose that must be recovered in anti-corruption values to generate a public and private management in line with the Latin American priorities. For the purpose, education constitutes a valuable tool in a tool to encourage the youth to behave responsibly, in accordance with the resolution of the most pressing conflicts facing humanity recalls the famous case of Enron, where the American public opinion continues to surprise. Do not understand how might happen, and try to draw conclusions for the future.

The group that ran the company, one of the ten largest in the U.S. economy for years to put together a gigantic fraud that stole their savings to millions of small shareholders, got hold of the fact funds for employees, and seriously undermined confidence throughout the financial system. This was also done with the complicity of a major consulting firms in the world. American society has reacted vigorously, several of those responsible are caught and processed, and comptroller have tightened legislation and penalties.