Estimated Pedagogical Metholodiges

Historical retrospect of the Normal School the comment carried through in day 26 of May of 20011 of 18h45min ace 20h20min, in the Normal School, had as objective to know the history of the institution, profile of the professors, learning and employees in general, thus going deep, the knowledge gotten during the first unit of discipline Estimated Pedagogical Metodolgicos of Disciplinas, to get the diverse information on the establishment, count on the support of the coordinator, Pablo, who took care of in them of soon. The methodology used for research was to the interview, in such a way, can make a rocking in the Normal School yesterday and today. We observe mainly that the institution passed for diverse changes since its foundation in 1870, in its curricular grating that at the beginning did not give to much disciplines them emphasis pedagogical, essentially due to the low wages. In such a way, the resume aimed at to the preparation of the woman for the marriage, second ' ' Berger' ' , for them you discipline constants in the course the predominance of humanistic education can be verified, making possible much more it preparation of the woman for the marriage of what for the teaching, therefore this chair was considered as prolongation of the maternal side of the woman. Initially, the Normal School functioned in the Sergipense Athenaeum (1870), after that changes for the Asylum Ours Lady of Pureness (1877), later if dumb to a proper building located in the Olmpio Square Fields where it functioned up to 1954, finally it started to take care of in the Street Laranjeiras until the current days. Today, what we find in the I.E.R.B is a building almost in ruins, surrounded for weeds and precarious illumination. The School counts on some resources as it dates show, video room where still it is used a device of video cassette and a laboratory of computer science that if finds closed, therefore does not have a qualified person to use. .