Enough Now

But I want more. Or: I have a wonderful apartment, it is very cozy and comfortable, but I want to have a large private house. But never say: I have no money, I can not afford. Now, if I had so much money then, then I would have healed by now. All now you just will never be more money.

Or: I have a little horrible apartment and I can not it is, I want a big house. Only there will I be truly happy. At home, too, can not count. You should always be thankful for what you have now, but never give up more. If you do not appreciate what has already been received from the life and constantly demand more, life in the end to resist and say: Enough! You forever is not all happy. How much you do not give, it is not enough! If you are on the contrary, be thankful for life is what you have, it will be happy to give you even more.

After all, you do not like whiners and losers. So that's life, too, they are not love and with great pleasure dealing with satisfied and happy people. So it's never too late to become one. For a more graphic example, consider Figure 1. Option A: Are you happy with your life, self-contained and complete. You live in the present moment, and your whole energy is concentrated here and now. Do you have a lot of goals. And you successfully move toward him. But while you are enjoying the present moment and not focus on your future.