Employees Find Passwords

Do you know how many computer passwords used date of birth, a child of the user’s name or simply are 123456? Thousands, millions of them. As you know the hackers, are some of the more popular when choosing passwords and, therefore, easier to find. It is therefore appropriate to give some guidelines to its employees so choose strong passwords, preventing unauthorized users from accessing their computers. These are some of them: avoid words that appear in the dictionary. Have at least eight characters. Do not use only letters or numbers only, but combining letters and numbers, and even include symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters. That password is different from the user. Do not use the name or surname or children or pet names as password.

Do not use the number of the NIF, the registration of the car nor other numerations intimately related to one’s self and public knowledge. And furthermore: don’t share them with other colleagues or revealing them. Do not write them down on a post-it glued to the computer screen. Do not keep them on the same computer in an easily accessible file or clear name (e.g. passwords). Do not use the same password for different uses (to avoid that, if it is discovered one, who do you can access restricted information).