Educational Procedures

Therefore, the freudiana theory deals with on the development personality, in the reflection and respect of the educational procedures. According to Skinner the science of the behavior, guideline also in the social order, the cultural reorganization. Where the scientific conception emerges a scientific analysis, that fortifies the education institutions, becoming them interpretativas in the organization of the functional individual of the chain of actions co-ordinated with sights the productivity of the system. As Piaget the good of the truth, in a set of formulated teses to answer the questions related with the origin and the development of the cognitivista capacity of the human being, explaining the evolution and ability of the individual to abstract apprehend the world that the fence. From the studious Vygotskiy it emphasizes the intellectual development from the conception of the sciointeracionismo or socioconstrutivismo, leading the social pedagogia to the field of the knowledge of relations and interrelaes, in the process of learning and teaching to theories and practical aulsticas.

Pablo Freire emphasizes that education does not modify the society, but the society is that it can change the instrucional system. Therefore, the educational system can have a paper of prominence in a cultural revolution, by means of the conscientious participation of the people in the classroom and organization process politics. It is a pedagogia of subordinated social conscience of classroom. According to speech of Pablo Freire is verifiable its point of view in educative practical relation the critical one, where the reflection must exist on the theory and practical in the process the teach-learning. Edgar precusor Morin of the theory of the complexity in the philosophical and epistemolgico field, deals with the vision to interdisciplinar, about the adaptativo complex system the behavior, the balance and the autorganizao in the scientific context, pautado of form contemporary also in the technological education, transforming the behavior human, where the world is seen of form of boarding and indissocivel and to multidiscipline in the construction of the knowledge.