Hello dear readers! Today we talk about being wanted for electronic books. Whether they should have all of us? It may be better than the old, time-tested, printed publication, smelling of printer's ink? It is as if real, it can be feel, through the pages of, well, as a last resort you can open the tear sheets and go with them to the toilet ))))))) And e-books? "Do not touch, do not porisuesh in nih.No still in our computer age 21 e-books coming up! For them the future! "Yes, and Moreover, E-book Reader-s navypuskali very mnogo.Ved in such a 'plate' can cram a whole library! "There will be all your favorite and useful book. And try this exercise with a regular edition? "It will be interesting to see this more ))))) advantage of this convenience . you a book (albeit rare) can be found in minutes! A conventional books like? all the libraries in the city and it's not uncommon that you will find, have to order by mail (even if workers glavpochtama do not take offense), but the mail we have worked very badly, and will have to wait almost a mesyats.Potom this book is not really necessary, and hassle In general, the advantages of eBooks over ordinary there! The only negative in all this that will disappear this wonderful profession as a librarian! "It will be very sorry for these lovely women even though they can be retrained (this will be a problem)))) in the digital librarians" will be advice online and by habit to grumble, so as not to sorili )))))) That's how I hope that more and more people prefer e-books (Society of defenders of the forest relieved to )))). And sites such as ours, will try to you will not disappoint Site administrator Garik Stahurskiy PSDo meeting! Come back often!