The family currently KFL 2 linear array: this is an extremely active malenkiyKFL2065 + KFL2012BA (popular mobile line array in a case with crystal clean sound that passes without distortion originality vote) and passive set KFL2080 + KFL3015B (used both indoors and outdoors, mobile). Scope of outdoor stadiums and large venues to clubs, discos and theaters. Included KFL2065 (Mid-Hi) + KFL2012BA (Bass) as standard uses four satellites (Mid-Hi) and one (Bass). KFL2012BA can be used as passive or active. It is integrated amplifier module and a DSP processor with functions: five band EQ, input control, limiter, delay, crossover, phase corrector, and an input for computer control and adjustment of a linear array. Applied to the structure KFL2012VA 'sandwich' (back to back), 12 'of the dynamics and characteristics hull design in combination with one of the best amplifier modules provide well-defined bass with good acoustic pressure.

KFL2012VA is one of the best developments in this class acoustics. In KFL2065 used specially designed for your 6.5-inch, 12 ohm speakers and 44 mm driver with horn. Since the set of four KFL2065 has a resistance 6 ohms, its efficiency is higher than the 8 ohms due to more favorable conditions for of the amplifier module. Linear array KFL2080 (Mid-Hi) + KFL3015B (Bass) as standard, four satellites (Mid-Hi) and one (Bass). In KFL2080 uses two 8-inch speaker cones with carbon in a symmetrical V-shaped hull and a horn with Driver 44 mm. In KFL3015B installed: three 15-inch speaker, left and right – balanced and the third cone is directed forward.