Dolby Pro Logic

Usually closed headphones have a better Bass reproduction, because the sound pressure cannot escape to the outside. The closed headphone can be uncomfortable for extended wear, he express severe st and contributes to higher heat to the ear. Semi-open headphones enclose the ears also. In contrast to the closed systems, they are however not soundproof shielded from the outside world. Deep frequencies are outside pass, high but not. This depth beeps again tonally than closed systems. As an open system the environment can listen so here too and it can get noise from the outside of the ears. The larger earcups that have less weight than closed systems, but results in a comfortable fit that makes possible even hours use.

Four semi-open headphones are therefore very popular for music heard in your own walls. Impedance, the impedance (resistance) is measured in ohms. The higher the resistance, the more energy must be Music source to muster to reproduce sounds. For the stereo system or the Studio, usually also high resistances are no problem. The resistance may be a problem with the PC and mobile devices. In these cases, a low-resistance is better. Sound pressure the sound pressure level is measured in decibels (dB).

It specifies from which volume distorted music. 90 dB is fully sufficient, beyond what is already more suitable for special applications (E.g. for disc jockeys). Surround sound reminiscent of the home theater experience, there are also headphones that play back surround. For stereo music enjoyment they are not digital or Dolby Pro Logic II usually so good oh when the surround sound via the headphones are suitable it different sound techniques, such as Dolby. If the signal source has the Dolby Headphone technology, a surround sound headphones can be from any headphones. It is a technique that has been specially developed for use in headphones. (Source: Cyrus Arnold). It can simulate different scenarios (E.g., room or cinema). Transmission range The human ear can perceive a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 hertz. Higher values in the specifications look very well, say but little about the quality.