Digital Secure Storage

This type of Technology it was developed by Hp and LiteOn. It is easy to know if my Unit counts on this capacity we can look for the logo that identifies this characteristic in our unit and to remove the maximum benefit, only Basque to buy Cd or Dvd to him with this layer and to learn the small software that allows to fit the designs and the device is in charge of the rest. Storage in Memories USB or " Pendrives" Created by IBM in 1.998 to replace the diskettes in IBM Think DAP, the pencils of memory (also calls Memory Pen and Pendrive) they work under Standard USB Mass Storage (mass storage Serial USB-Universal Bus). Present the Pendrive uses standard USB 2,0, with a transference of up to 480 Megabit/s, although actually they work to 160 Megabit/s. They are in favor compound basically of: – A male connector USB – A controller USB, who incorporates a small micro RISC and mini ram memory and ROM – One or several Chips of flash memory – An oscillating crystal to 12 Megahertz for the flow control of exit of data.

In comparison with the Diskettes, CD, Dvd have great advantages like their rapidity, the exhibition to the dust, ralladuras, blows, humidity, etc. This type of very popular storage devices can be found in diverse capacities, designs, colors and styles. Memory card storage Digital Secure (SD) Memory based of the type flash, but, unlike the memory pencils, without controller, reason why need reading units to be able to work, with several capacities of storage of Mb until Gb, are used. Also they are but fast that the MMC and has an insurance of protection of writing in the lateral part. TransFlash or Micro SD Used in Cellular telephony. With adapter to be inserted in the card reader in the computer Compact Flash (CF), Card Multimedia (MMC), Average Smart (SM), Carries far Digitalis Picture Card (XD) With diverse capacities and of frequent use in digital devices like video cameras, some others in portable, own digital cameras or average of some manufacturers Olympus and Fujitsu, with a capacity of even.