Device Netping Cooler Board Received

JSC "Light Kommunikeyshn announces admission to its warehouse new board NetPing Cooler board, extends the functionality of devices and Uniping NetPing TS v2. Structurally NetPing Cooler board made as a separate module that connects to the device or UniPing NetPing TS v2 at by train. The board NetPing Cooler board control channels are low voltage loads, and the shrinkable tube for connection of additional sensors. The main purpose of payment – low-voltage control fans in the cooling systems. Special connectors on the motherboard allow you to connect to her standard "computer" coolers and manage their work remotely on a network Ethernet / Internet. In addition to the board, you can connect an external IR module transceiver / transmitter that will allow, for example, manage the work of the external air conditioner.

Just to NetPing Cooler board can be connected to temperature sensors, pressure and light sensors, dry contact. In the future we plan to expand number of types supported by the sensors. All this allows to create full-featured remote site presence at the core of the device with UniPing connected to it an expansion board NetPing Cooler board. This site will not only keep track environmental parameters at the point of installation, but also on the team include cooling fans or other climate control devices. Functionality NetPing Cooler board: – 4 channel control low-voltage fan (or any other devices with low voltage control circuits): 0 .. 20V, load current up to 2A – the ability to control fan speed (only for channels based on electronic switches) – control the actual speed The fan with the help of the fan sensor – connect up to 8 temperature sensors manufactured by Lightcom; – connect the digital image sensor of ambient light produced by Lightcom; – connect the digital pressure sensor manufactured by Lightcom; – to connect an external infrared transceiver module / transmitter manufactured by Lightcom; – connect up to 4 sensor dry contact. For more information you can call (495) 956-49-51 or visit the company -.