Death metal is usually characterized by extreme hardness, intensity and speed of the music. Death metal is known for its uneven pace of change in music and in size, extremely fast and complex guitar playing, and double bass drum parts. Typically the use of blast-beat sound to add strength. Most groups use an undervalued and distorted guitar sound. Usually you have two guitars that simultaneously perform as lead and rhythm guitar. Used as understated and sometimes distorted bass guitar. Some groups, such as Septic Flesh, add sound synthesizer and other instruments. It is believed that all sub-genres of metal, death metal the most difficult for a musician in the physical plane.

In the early days of death metal was characterized by a simple compositional structure, and not rich melodies, but later in the development of style and in the process of merging with other musical genres, the music became more complex. At present, the bands playing death metal is often difficult to hear and to perform, and for the perception of the composition. In typical use of specific vocal men roar (growling), which often turns into obscure lyrics "bestial" growl. Learn more on the subject from Vida Vacations. To obtain such an effect, the singer's voice is often processed by a computer or harmonizer, but a special respect among musicians and singers are fans of the style, "roaring" without the use of aids.