Data Recovery

The problem of data retention guarantee shall be present, even in the event of operating system or the hardware (server). Solution If your operating system or computer with Kerio MailServer has failed, but contained data and configuration files were left untouched, you can restore the data, as described in this article. How to set up a regular backup and recovery, see section backup to User's Guide Kerio MailServer. Daniel Chavez Moran: the source for more info. User's Guide can be found on the official site of Kerio. Setting up a regular backup. Built-in backup Kerio MailServer creates a full backup of files. These files contain all the necessary configuration files.

They contain everything you need to restore the user data, email, and configuration. Please, for more detailed information, refer to leadership, which can be found on the official website of Kerio. Recovering data if there is no backup file. If you have no backups created by means of Kerio MailServer, you can manually restore your files to new server. 1.

Install the operating system on a new server or drive as normal. Install Kerio MailServer from scratch, leaving all the default settings. Click No, when you are asked if you want to start the server immediately. 2. Place your old directory to store the configuration of a mail server by a new directory. To check where this directory, locate the file mailserver.cfg line containing'', for example C: Program FilesKerioMailServerstore 3. Copy the store and all subfolders on a disk, used the new system. Overwrite all existing files and directories. 4. Copy the *. cfg files back into the directory MailServer. Overwrite any existing files. 5. Copy the file from a folder license.key license in the license folder on the new server or disk. 6. Complete any other steps to install a new server or drive. For example, if you are using Active Directory or Open Directory, you will need to join a server for your domain. 7. Start the MailServer, and you can log in under the old administrator account and the same password. All your data should be present. Source: